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Pictures of the Caribou Hunt!

Waiting to get started.

Randy, Jim, and Me waiting to load the gear.

The otter waiting for us to load it up.

Trying to set up the tent.

Relaxing on the hillside after camp is setup, PHEW!

The tent after a few days.

A typical evening, after much rain...the rain would stop just long enough for us to dry out gear...only to get wet during the night!

Even more typical... relaxing with a drink on the hillside.

Don't we look like the Earps?

Jim and Andy Jolly got their "Bou's" on Sunday Morning.

Our Mule, Andy, with a full load of ribs.

Randy and I got our "Bou's" on Sunday evening! What a day of doubles!!!

A very proud Randy and his "Bou!"

An equally happy me with mine!

Andy cooked up some caribou heart to celebrate our success!

It looks like Randy is reflecting... We got our 2 "Bou's" together, just to the left of the saddle between the two peaks.

Randy was reflecting, I was just happy that the hunt had met with success after all of the disasters we'd encountered!

My personal raingear!

Definitely reflecting now, Randy with the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen!

Finally, getting ready to fly out after a long but successful hunt!

A look at where we were camped...a place called Groundhog Lake!