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Mostly pictures of Winecellar Lake, but some from other places in Clarksville Mo.

This is a picture of the beginning construction of Winecellar Lake. The gang's all here!

What a crew!!!

The excavation crew is busy moving dirt to build the dam.

RT White on the dozer, leveling off the ledge, almost done now!

Another of RT, remember this was being done in December and January...

Lewis Stolte, working on the SMALL brushpile that accumulated from clearing ground for the lake.

Standing on the coffer dam, looking east towards the main dam.

Melvin Underwood on his 4wheeler, at the bottom of the lake.

This is taken at the far west side of the lake, looking at a pool of water being held back by the coffer dam. The two pools will meet to make one large lake.

The water level is now at approximately 10 feet, it will get up to 26 feet when full.

A picture of "Rick's Ridge", where I will someday have my house...looking down on Winecellar Lake.

The water level has been rising after a recent rain, it's a bit murky in this picture.

More recent pictures! This one is from the dam, looking towards the coffer dam.

This one shows where I will build the house! Right up on the ridge above the water!!!

Looking towards the overflow pipe, from the ridge.

This is a picture of Knox Lake, from John Andrews yard. It's full again!!

Here's a 6 1/2 lb catfish caught by Sadia Andrews in Knox Lake.

Randy with a 40 1/2 lb catfish caught in the Mississippi river.