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Hunting Trips we've made!

Our boat on Juneau Lake during the first moose hunting trip.

Juneau Creek at the south end of Juneau Lake.

Juneau Falls ,seen during the hike in to the lake.

Our home during the trip.

Juneau Cabin ,where we stayed on the 2nd trip.

Pretty pic of Juneau Lake ,from the other side.

Roy being lazy on the hike to Spike Camp.

The Beaver ,with all of our gear for the fly-in.

A place called Moose Meadow ,supposedly for good reason!

A view from the top of the mountain, across from camp.

Another view from the top of the mountain.

Randy and Roy on the boat ,when we went halibut fishing.

Another of the guys on the boat.

Randy during the hike to camp.

Neat reflection on Juneau Lake.